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Wire Mesh

Wire Mesh

It is an economical product which is produced with spot welding technique, used in environmental regulations, for security and protection purposes, and generally applied on wall. Galvanized and raw wire produced in 2 groups of all kinds of wire diameter (from 2mm to 8mm) is produced in all sizes. Panel wire and wire mesh are very strong and resistant to wire mesh.


The standard is produced in four different sizes (100 × 200-120 × 240-150 × 200-150 × 250 cm), in all wire diameters from 2 × 2 cm mesh to 15 × 15 cm, in black, galvanized and ribbed steel bars. ..

These products are produced in our stocks. Standard external custom size wire mesh wire is also produced.

It is recommended that the wicker wires produced from the black (raw) wire should be painted with anticorrosive paint before being long-lasting and avoiding mold. This will increase the corrosion resistance.

Welded wire / wire mesh (450-500 gr / m2 Zn) is produced from galvanized wire.

Spot welded wire / wire mesh produced from raw wire is pulled from 1006 and 1008 quality iron and spot welded.

Spot welded wire / wire mesh, especially produced from hot-dip galvanized wire, is preferred because it is resistant to nature conditions without painting.


Animal Cages

Tennis Courts

Basketball Courts

Various Sports Areas



Store Shelf Systems


Transportation and Freight Vehicles

Coarse Screen Manufacturing

Coffee Table, Table, Chair and Ornaments

Under construction

Security Fences

Garden Wall Railings

Elevator Blanks

Construction Basics

Different diameters and sizes are available upon request.