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Panel Fence Wire

Panel Fence Wire

Panel Fence WirePanel Fence Wire are groups of wires that are manufactured in dimensions such as 5x15 cm panel fence, 5x20 cm panel fence and 6x18 cm panel fence, twisted to give full strength, electrostatic furnace painting or hot dip coating to prevent corrosion resistance and stop oxidation.

Panel fence / panel wires are used around the site, around the building, around the water tank and electrical transformer, in playgrounds, landscape areas, parks and gardens where protection and visuality are at the forefront. It is preferred because it is both durable and affordable. Panel fences (panel wires are preferred between 4.00mm - 6.00mm. The choice of profile thickness suitable for the wire diameter is made by us. In special sizes, panel fence / panel wire is produced within the body of waste wire and delivered to the customer after the requirements are tested. Panel fence / panel wire fence posts are manufactured in different sizes and standard sizes.

Panel fence groups made by Atik Tel;

50/250 cm Panel fence

75/250 cm Panel fence

100/250 cm panel fence

120/250 cm panel fence

150/250 cm panel fence

200/250 cm panel fence

Panel fence posts

50 cm panel fence post

75 cm panel fence post

100 cm panel fence post

120 cm panel fence post

150 cm panel fence post

200 cm panel fence post